Cook County Democratic Party Selects 2020 Slate

Cook County Democratic Party Selects 2020 Slate

Cook County Democratic Party Chair Toni Preckwinkle announced the slate of candidates for the upcoming 2020 primary contest is the most diverse in the party’s history. She said the two-day process was very open and transparent and the winners reflect the committee’s votes.

“We worked hard to build a consensus over the last two days and we’re going to work hard to continue our efforts through March 17,” Preckwinkle stated.

Despite recent controversies, the party emphasized the top vote getters had the committee’s full support.

“There were no backroom deals,” explained Rod Sawyer, chair of the countywide committee. “There’s no other deal but to do good work, be honest and transparent in their service and ask all 80 committeepeople for their support by telling them your platform and how you can best serve the county.”

Don Harmon, chair of the circuit court committee said he was proud to advance a slate that was so qualified and diverse.

“It includes nine women, four men, multiple candidates from the LGBTQ community—including the first transgender judicial candidate—five African Americans, three Latinx candidates, five Caucasians, six from the suburbs and seven from the city,” enumerated Harmon.

He added, all were found qualified by the Chicago Bar Association and two highly qualified.

The Cook County Democratic Central Committee also passed three resolutions addressing gun violence, immigration and the fair tax.

The slated candidates are:

U.S. Senate
Dick Durbin

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Mike Cabonargi

State’s Attorney
Kim Foxx

Cam Davis
Kim Du Buclet
Eira Corral Sepulveda

Supreme Court
Vacancy of the Hon. Charles E. Freeman – P. Scott Neville, Jr.

Appellate Court
Vacancy of the Hon. P. Scott Neville, Jr. – Michael B. Hyman
Vacancy of the Hon. John B. Simon – John C. Griffin
1st Alternate – William Boyd
2nd Alternate – Sandra Ramos
3rd Alternate – Sharon Johnson

Circuit Court
Vacancy of the Hon. Carole K. Bellows – Kerrie Maloney Laytin
Vacancy of the Hon. Matthew E. Coghlan – James T. Derico, Jr.
Vacancy of the Hon. Nicholas R. Ford – Laura Ayala-Gonzalez
Vacancy of the Hon. Raymond Funderburk – Celestia L. Mays
Vacancy of the Hon. Joyce Marie Murphy Gorman – Sheree D. Henry
Vacancy of the Hon. Diane J. Larsen – Levander Smith, Jr.
Vacancy of the Hon. Mary Anne Mason – Chris Stacey
Vacancy of the Hon. James P. McCarthy – Teresa Molina
Vacancy of the Hon. Jessica A. O’Brien – Lloyd James Brooks
Vacancy of the Hon. Sebastian T. Patti – Lynn Weaver Boyle
Vacancy of the Hon. Thomas D. Roti – Araceli De La Cruz
Vacancy of the Hon. Colleen F. Sheehan – Maura McMahon Zeller
Vacancy of the Hon. Kevin M. Sheehan – Jill Rose Quinn
1st Alternate – Tom Nowinski
2nd Alternate – Travis Richardson
3rd Alternate – Cristin McDonald Duffy
4th Alternate – Eric Sauceda
5th Alternate – Yolanda Sayre
6th Alternate – Frank Andreau
7th Alternate – Joseph Chico
8th Alternate – Diane Marie Pezanoski
9th Alternate – Amanda Pillsbury
10th Alternate – Ashonta Rice