COOK COUNTY CIRCUIT Thomas More Donnelly

Judge Thomas More Donnelly has an extensive record of service and integrity dating back to the beginning of his legal career in 1986.  He began his career clerking for Justice Mary Ann G. McMorrow and became an Associate Judge in 2003.  He was promoted to Circuit Judge by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2021, and is now running for election to that position. During

COOK COUNTY CIRCUIT Araceli Reyes De La Cruz

Judge Araceli R. De La Cruz was appointed as a Circuit Court Judge by the Illinois Supreme Court and sworn in on January 6, 2022. Judge De La Cruz is a lifelong Chicago resident. Academic scholarships enabled her to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago where she studied English Literature and Political Science. While attending The John Marshall Law School she competed in


Judge Ruth I. Gudino was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court and is currently assigned to the Sixth District Courthouse located in Markham. Prior to her appointment in October 2021, she practiced law for over 26 years. Judge Gudino was raised in a hard-working Union home of Mexican immigrant parents. As a first-generation lawyer and judge, she carries with her, her parents’ values of