Statewide Selection Committee

Our Statewide Selection Committee conducts interviews of statewide candidates and makes recommendations for endorsements. Each committee member understands the profound impact statewide office holders have on the condition of Illinois. They work to ensure that the best candidates who stand for our shared values are supported.

Countywide Selection Committee

This committee is dedicated to interviewing non-judicial countywide candidates for office and making recommendations for endorsement. The process helps to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are supported to serve.

Supreme Court Selection Committee

The Illinois Supreme Court has a profound impact on our state and every person in it. This committee is comprised of legal professionals and others from a variety of backgrounds who work to interview and recommend candidates who will stand up for reason, accountability and justice.

Appellate Court Selection Committee

The Illinois Appellate Court is responsible for hearing and reviewing appeals from legal cases that have been heard in a lower court, which is an integral part of our legal system. Our committee members work to interview and recommend candidates for endorsement, doing their utmost to ensure that the most qualified are supported.

Circuit Court Selection Committee

Our Circuit Court judges serve a variety of courts and decide legal matters involving people throughout Cook County. The committee members understand that our community deserves judges who bring the best value and judgment to the court. This principle guides their work in interviewing countywide Circuit Court candidates and making recommendations for endorsements.

Judicial Retention Committee

The Retention Committee is dedicated to assessing sitting judges who are up for retention. Together they evaluate the performance of judges and if or not they have performed in the best interest of justice and best legal decisions. The committee makes recommendations on whether or not judges should be retained and supported.

Candidate Recruitment and Evaluation (Pre-Slating) Committee

The pre-slating committee is fundamental to the Party’s candidate support process. They identify and interview potential statewide and county wide candidates well ahead of the slating and endorsement process each election cycle, ensuring that those candidates who support progress and our shared Democratic values are advanced.

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is comprised of those who are dedicated to our Party bylaws and rules. They know that we all must maintain the same standards and they deal with potential changes to and violations of Party bylaws and rules.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works to ensure the Party’s finances and budgets are properly maintained and are in full compliance with all requirements of the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Communications Committee

The communications committee is tasked with communicating our message of fighting for our shared Democratic values to voters throughout Cook County.

Community Outreach Committee

This committee is responsible for making recommendations regarding new means and methods of outreach to Democratic voters and groups.

Policy Committee

The policies that we support as the Cook County Democratic Party are rooted in justice, progress and our shared Democratic values. The Policy Committee is firmly committed to those ideals and together, identifies and makes recommendations of policies and platforms the Party may adopt.