The Cook County Democratic Party has been known colloquially at times as the Democratic Organization, the Regular Democratic Organization, the Regular Democratic Party, and other variants. Some local ward and township committees still officially use those terms. By any name, the party proudly endorses and supports all Democratic candidates whether at the federal, state or local level. These candidates deserve our support, as they offer the best vision and policies for a brighter, more prosperous future for all.

During this critical time that will affect generations to come, the Cook County Democratic Party will represent and protect the interests of working people and guarantee personal liberties for everyone.

Our headquarters is located at 134 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL, 60602. To contact us, call (312) 263-0575 or email

Our Leaders



Toni Preckwinkle
4th Ward

Executive Vice-Chair

Mike Rodriguez
22nd Ward

Executive Vice-Chair

Tracy Katz Muhl
Northfield Township

First Vice-Chair

Calvin Jordan
Rich Township

City Vice-Chair

Robert Martwick
38th Ward

Suburban Vice-Chair

Don Harmon
Oak Park Township


Mike Cudzik
Schaumburg Township


Michelle Harris
8th Ward


Carlos Ramirez-Rosa
35th Ward

Our By-Laws

``This organization shall be known as the Cook County Democratic Party. Its purposes shall be to attract, endorse, and support qualified Democratic candidates for office, to develop positions on issues of public importance, to advance the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, and to seek to improve the lives of the people of Cook County through effective, efficient, and fair government.``

Amended Policy And Procedure For Reviewing Claims Of Alleged Sexual Harassment

``the Party is committed to achieving an equitable, respectful and safe working environment for all of its committeepersons, officers, officials, staff members and employees, and expects those individuals to live up to those values as well as recognized standards of proper professional and ethical conduct.``