Commissioner Rogers was first elected in 2004 in his first run for public office by citizens from the south and west sides of Cook County who were tired of “politics as usual” and wanted a Commissioner who would provide them with an honest, ethical and transparent government. Since his election, Commissioner Rogers has infused new and fresh ideas into the Board of Review’s appeals process. As Board of Review Commissioner, Mr. Rogers has taken County government to the people, where it belongs: in communities it is meant to serve. Citizens appealing their property taxes before the Cook County Board of review can trust that their claims will be reviewed in a fair, unbiased and just fashion; that they will have the opportunity to make their case for the reductions they are entitled to receive.

Some of Rogers accomplishments while in office include:

  • Instituting a “Faith- based Outreach” initiative where citizens can file appeals after service and avoid trips downtown;
  • Implementing a “Digital Processing System” or “DAPS” system which provides for the on-line filing and processing of appeals, ridding the office of archaic and inefficient paper-intensive system process used for decades;
  • Processing record numbers of appeals in less time and with less staff than previous administrations;
  • Hear more appeals and certified decisions more efficiently than ever before despite record filings since being elected in 2004 ensuring timely tax bills.

As partner at the law firm of Power Rogers, LLP., Mr. Rogers Jr. represents the interests of children, the disabled, seniors and ordinary people against their adversaries, whether they be individuals, corporations or government entities. His advocacy on behalf of his clients is driven by his belief that all people deserve to make their case and have it decided by a fair and impartial body. He litigates cases before juries and has obtained record results for his clients in medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury and civil rights cases. He has been retained in some of the highest profile cases across the country, including the death of Sandra Bland in Texas, the Minnesota shooting death of Philando Castile in front of his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds who live streamed in on facebook live and the tragic police-involved shooting of unarmed Bettie Jones at her home on the Westside of Chicago.