The Rules Committee is comprised of those who are dedicated to our Party bylaws and rules. They know that we all must maintain the same standards and they deal with potential changes to and violations of Party bylaws and rules.

Chair: Chris Taliaferro
29th Ward

Vice Chair: Patricia Joan Murphy
Worth Township

                Committee Members

Ward orCommitteeperson
4Toni Preckwinkle
5Leslie Hairston
8Michelle Harris
11John P. Daley
12George Cardenas
22Mike Rodriguez
29Chris Taliaferro
34Preston Brown, Jr.
35Carlos Rosa
37Emma Mitts
38Robert F. Martwick, Jr.
39Ram Villivalam
43Lucy Moog
46Sean Tenner
47Paul Rosenfeld
CalumetBob Rita
EvanstonEamon Kelly
NorthfieldTracy Katz-Muhl
Oak ParkDon Harmon
ProvisoKaren Yarbrough
RichCalvin Jordan
SchaumburgMike Cudzik
WorthPatricia Murphy