The Pre-Slating Committee is fundamental to the Party’s candidate support process. The members identify and interview potential statewide and county wide candidates well ahead of the slating and endorsement process each election cycle, ensuring that those candidates who support progress and our shared Democratic values are advanced.

Chair: Frank Avino
Norwood Park Township
Vice Chair: Anthony Beale
9th Ward

                Committee Members

Ward orCommitteeperson
4Toni Preckwinkle
5Leslie Hairston
9Anthony Beale
11John P. Daley
17David Moore
20Mattie Hunter
22Mike Rodriguez
26Angee Gonzalez Rodriguez
27Walter Burnett
28Jason Ervin
35Carlos Rosa
36Gilbert Villegas
38Robert F. Martwick, Jr.
39Ram Villivalam
40Maggie O’Keefe
41Joe Cook
43Lucy Moog
46Sean Tenner
47Paul Rosenfeld
49Kelly Cassidy
BloomMonica Gordon
BremenVernard Alsberry
CiceroLarry Dominick
EvanstonEamon Kelly
LemontKevin Ameriks
LeydenBarrett F. Pedersen
New TrierDean Maragos
NorthfieldTracy Katz-Muhl
Norwood ParkFrank Avino
Oak ParkDon Harmon
OrlandBeth McElroy Kirkwood
ProvisoKaren Yarbrough
RichCalvin Jordan
SchaumburgMike Cudzik
ThorntonNapoleon Harris
WorthPatricia Murphy