The Retention Committee is dedicated to assessing sitting judges who are up for retention. Together they evaluate the performance of judges and if or not they have performed in the best interest of justice and best legal decisions. The committee makes recommendations on whether or not judges should be retained and supported.

Chair: Eamon Kelly
Evanston Township
Vice Chair: Mattie Hunter
20th Ward

                Committee Members

Ward orCommitteeperson
4Toni Preckwinkle
5Leslie Hairston
6Roderick T. Sawyer
12George Cardenas
20Mattie Hunter
21Howard Brookins, Jr.
22Mike Rodriguez
29Chris Taliaferro
35Carlos Rosa
38Robert F. Martwick, Jr.
41Joe Cook
43Lucy Moog
47Paul Rosenfeld
BarringtonRobert Steffen
EvanstonEamon Kelly
LemontKevin Ameriks
LeydenBarrett F. Pedersen
New TrierDean Maragos
NorthfieldTracy Katz-Muhl
Oak ParkDon Harmon
ProvisoKaren Yarbrough
RichCalvin Jordan
SchaumburgMike Cudzik