Turning out voters is essential to winning elections. The Participation Committee is dedicated to increasing our base through registering new voters and ensuring that our base turns out in cycle after cycle.

Chair: Maria Galo
Palatine Township
Vice Chair: Iris Martinez
33rd Ward

Ward Members

1Daniel La Spata
2Tim Egan
3Pat Dowell
4Toni Preckwinkle
5Leslie Hairston
16Stephanie D Coleman
22Michael D Rodriguez
25Byron Sigcho-Lopez
26Angee Gonzalez Rodriguez
27Walter Burnett Jr
34Preston Brown Jr
35Anthony Quezada
40Maggie O'Keefe
43Lucy Moog
48Harry Osterman
49Kelly Cassidy
50Debra Silverstein

Township Members

CiceroBlanca M Vargas
HanoverSteve Caramelli
LeydenBarrett F Pedersen
MaineLaura Murphy
NorthfieldTracy Katz-Muhl
Oak ParkDon Harmon
ProvisoKaren Yarbrough
RichCalvin Jordan
SchaumburgMike Cudzik