Chris Stacey

Rated “Highly Qualified” to serve as Judge by the Chicago Bar Association, attorney Chris Stacey has spent his career fighting injustice and helping people in our community.

His passion for law started when he was in high school. A teacher inspired him to participate in a mock trial program while he was involved in the school play ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ – the classic novel about a lawyer working against racism and injustice in difficult circumstances.

Stacey became courtroom lawyer, fighting for people in times of their greatest need. He represented those seriously injured by the negligence or misdeeds of corporations, the medical industry, manufacturers and others.

He helped victims of fraud and deceit recover their losses, took action to protect the life savings of elderly and disabled people targeted by swindlers, and helped non-profits secure their properties. In addition to litigating in state and federal trial courts, he has argued cases in the Illinois Appellate and Supreme Court.

Based on his three decades of experience as a courtroom litigator and interviews with his trial opponents, judges and others, bar associations which evaluated Chris all gave him positive ratings. He is the only candidate in his race officially endorsed by the Democratic Party. He has the knowledge, experience, temperament and integrity to serve as Judge.

Chris Stacey’s decades of community service shows his commitment to fairness, equality and diversity.

He served on the Board of WorldRelief International’s Chicago Office, assisting immigrants and refugees. Chris also served on the Board of Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic which provides legal services for community members who often face injustice and discrimination.

Chris has always enjoyed working shoulder to shoulder with those he is serving. He spent hours in Chicago hospitals helping a family which had fled the killing fields of Cambodia to navigate the health care system after an illness struck.

Stacey brought a family from Cameroon, Africa into his home for two months when emergency housing was unavailable, and recently helped immigrants from the Middle East with their adjustments to life in Chicago. He is committed to safe and healthy transportation and serves on the Advisory Board of Active Transportation Alliance. He earned its Volunteer of the Year Award in 2011 for his role in developing a crash support program for bicyclists.

Stacey travelled to Zambia, Africa with International Vision Volunteers, helping eye surgeons literally give sight to the blind. Stacey worked with crowds, assisted surgeons in operating rooms, performed administrative work and comforted patients. On the board of The Crucible Project, he worked to help men in the U.S., Mexico, Africa and Australia live honest emotional lives in ways to interrupt violent or destructive behavior.

Stacey is married with four children. He has been musician, singer and songwriter and has performed improv comedy at various venues in Chicago.

Our constitution requires equal justice for all. Chris Stacey’s career has been about fighting for equality, dignity and respect for everyone – regardless of background. He will be a Judge we can be proud of.

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